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Exactly what are  birthday greetings mean? I believe of "Hi" or "Hello!" Greetings undoubtedly are a friendly message from that's absent or have been absent which is now addressing you. Since greetings are friendly, they may be that has a smile and quite often expect a response.

When it's your friend's birthday, you'll want to send a birthday greeting, without doubt. "Happy Birthday!" is one of recognized, sincere, quick and easy greeting. You are saying towards the birthday person, "I think you'll are receiving a happy birthday at this time and all sorts of from the day." It could be spoken in the flesh or older the telephone. It may be written over a birthday card, eCard, eMail message, message, or SMS.

SMS is short for in short Message Service. SMS consist of shorthand, abbreviations, and Internet slang. The evolution began in chat rooms if the messages and texts that men and women were sending were limited by a certain volume of characters. Twitter, the micro-blogging site, limits messages how to 144 characters. A number of other messaging systems set limits on the actual amount of characters.

SMS is made when mobile phone devices let you send messages utilizing the letters about the number buttons on the keypads. How cumbersome it truly is going to the "2" button 4x to get to the letter "c." A lot of people still send texts using phones that do not use a full QWERTY keyboard available.

Cost is an aspect in sending long sms. Why purchase "I love you" when "i <} u" is half the characters. Before the Internet, there are telegraphs and telex messaging systems that charged with the character. It is possible to some systems and telephone contracts that charge because of the character to ensure the shorter your message the greater.

Shorthand isn't new. Before there are machines in offices, there is a convention from the secretary taking down everything their boss said in dictation by means of shorthand. This became a "language" devised for this purpose and taught in business schools. It involved abbreviations and phonetic symbols that helped the secretary transcribed the dictated letter or text into proper language.

In your hectic life, remembering someone or relative's birthday upfront with enough days to get a card or gift and mail it or deliver it, just doesn't happen. It's a shame, because there are some beautiful birthday cards with well crafted greetings printed inside that greatly assist towards expressing our feelings for others. In the event that you can't have a birthday message submitted advance, count on the digital technology to transmit ecards, emails, text message and SMS.

A message is really a communication with many information. A text would be the actual words of anything written. It might be long or short. SMS could be the SHORT message service incorporating abbreviations, substitutions, and slang.

Some believe it is fun to create their unique SMS using these basic rules:

1. Drop the vowels

2. Use numbers for words. Example "ate" becomes "8", "for" becomes "4"

3. Change words to single letters. Example "are" becomes "r", "you" becomes "u"

4. Slang: LOL = laughing out loud or lots of love with respect to the context

Enjoy yourself creating SMS, there are plenty of that though it may be shorter and quicker to type your cryptic message and might help you save some funds, it's tougher for the recipient to see than their natural language.